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ONLINE & ONSITE AUCTIONS (Automobiles, Consignment, Antiques, Collectibles,  Farm,  Estates,  storagebin, charity or benefit auctions, or anything of value) Everyone knows how exciting it is to be onsite and participate in a live auction. Imagine being able to participate in a live auction at  Mountaineer Auction House from anywhere in the world! Online auctions bring people from around the world together to experience a live auction without having to leave their computers. Live online auctions allow you to bid on items during the live auction as if you were physically at  Mountaineer Auction House. As a buyer, this is wonderful because you can participate in Mountaineer Auction from the comfort of your own home while listening and watching it live on your computer. As a seller, you have the comfort of knowing that you not only are selling your merchandise to people in North Carolina but that you are also getting maximum exposure for your merchandise to the rest of the world! If you are interested in selling your merchandise with Mountaineer Auction, please contact us HERE. We will take care of everything and explain to you more in depth how it all works.