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Summer Fun
March 18, 2018 at 09:00 PM EST
6483 Hwy 19-E in Spruce Pine, NC 28777

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Lot # 1 - 24’ Swimming Pool
New In Box 24’x12’x52”. This is a Rectangular Swimming Pool with the sand filter Everything you need to start the summer fun. This is a great family size pool. This pool retails right at $1,000.00
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Lot # 2 - Turkey cooker - RESERVE NOT MET - RESERVE NOT MET
This is so much more than just a turkey fryer. Use it to have a huge fish fry, boil vegetables, seafood boils, or use the base to do your canning on. Canning over gas is so easy and saves the wear and tear on your stove.
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Lot # 3 - Inflatable Kayak
This is a one man inflatable Kayak. Perfect for taking anywhere and in a small vehicle.
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This is a great swing for one to two kids at a time. Hang it from the tree branch or add it to any swing set to liven things up. This retails for $90.00 at Home Depot.
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Lot # 5 - Big Horn Swing Set w/Club House - RESERVE NOT MET - RESERVE NOT MET
New In Box is this great swing and activity set. It has the club house and so many activities to keep the kids going all summer. On this kit the slide and 4x4s are sold seperately. This has retail value of $600.00 and up.
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This club house comes with the climbing rope and the climbing wall. What a cool clubhouse for any boy or girl. This club house comes without the swings and the ladder is sold seperately. This club house retails at $500.00 at Home Depot.
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Lot # 7 - Bond Hardwood Floor Mop - RESERVE NOT MET - RESERVE NOT MET
Make clean up quick and easy with this Bona Floor Mop and get outside and enjoy the summer days.
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Lot # 8 - Stainless Steel Trash Can
12 Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Can
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Lot # 9 - Wall Pops
Give any room a makeover with these wall pops. They are safe for any walls,great if your renting to give your room a makeover without the mess.
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Lot # 10 - Easy Wring Mop
This is a great mop with the spinning wringer in the bucket.